Attacking the Castled King: Miniature by Geller (+ Video)
Efim Geller. Position after 14 ... dxe5

Attacking the Castled King: Miniature by Geller (+ Video)

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Today we analyze the instructive game Efim Geller vs Lajos Portisch, 1967. This is a great example of how to attack the Castled King in Chess. There is a fulminant victory by Geller, so the game is an exciting miniature.

Without further delay, let’s get down to business.


A video analyzing Geller vs Portisch

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Lessons from this game

  • Ruy Lopez (or Spanish Game) is a very theoretical and also strong Opening Variation
  • The Pawn Structure in the Center e4-d4 vs e5-d6 is what we call Center Tension. In general, the one who trades loses the central battle. Increasing the pressure in the Center to force the opponent to trade is very often the right plan.
  • When is it the right moment to sacrifice? If you have more pieces attacking than your opponent defending and you create some important weaknesses with the sacrifice, very often the sacrifice will be good.
  • There is a very special move by Geller 18. Bg5!! This is just stunning, a sacrifice not capturing any enemy piece, but an extremely strong move.


Good luck to everybody, and take care!!!

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