Attacking the King in the Center: Instructive Game by Lasker (+ Video)
Position after 12 ... fxe6. How should White continue?

Attacking the King in the Center: Instructive Game by Lasker (+ Video)

FM michechess89

This is an instructive classic game: Lasker vs Pirc. The World Champion (that’s right… I checked and made sure this game was actually played by Emanuel Lasker, the World Champion ) won a very nice game after his opponent played some inaccuracies and delayed a little to castle.


Video analyzing Instructive Classic Game Lasker vs Pirc, 1935

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Lessons from this game

  • Don’t move twice the same piece in the Opening
  • Develop one piece in every move in the Opening
  • Don’t start actions with the King still in the Center
  • If your opponent has the King in the center, you should break and open the position
  • In the tactical theme Desperado, we sacrifice a piece we are going to lose, so we can get some extra material before we actually lose that piece


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