Coming back from Capablanca Memorial
3rd World Champion Jose Raul Capablanca.

Coming back from Capablanca Memorial

FM michechess89

Hi my chess friends. Capablanca Memorial just finished some hours ago in Havana. There was an Open and an Elite Group of six strong players (where Ivanchuk, Adhiban, Anton and Sevian where the most rated ones). There were also two kids' groups. As you know I played the Open Section, trying to get the norm I needed to be IM. I'm sad to announce that I couldn't get it , so it will be in some other tournament.

But it was a great experience, I saw a lot of old friends, played some good games, got some nice pictures... you know what they say, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Playing is also a great training for chess players who want to improve. I scored 6.5/10, got even with the rating (didn't win or lose any point), had a normal (for my rating) performance of 2344. I was honored to face charismatic and famous Spanish GM Pepe Cuenca, and also the Female National Champion from Cuba, WGM Oleiny Linares. 

I will be posting with more details about the tournament very soon (games, analysis and pictures). I just got home and wanted to write the most important things about this journey. 

The video for this Monday

I had not time to prepare any special thing for today, sorry about that, they have been tough days. As part of my training for Capablanca, I had been doing a lot of Puzzle Rush. I recorded as I did some good try and here it is. My best is 40, but, I think (and I hope) I can take this up in next days.

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