CRUSH Everyone with Scandinavian Defense (+ Video)
Scandinavian Landscape

CRUSH Everyone with Scandinavian Defense (+ Video)


Hey guys!  

Scandinavian Defense is a very interesting and Dynamic Chess Opening, it's a great option for Blitz and Bullets, but also some Masters use it in Tournaments with really high performances. In this post/video, I'll show you the main ideas, typical plans, and impressive masters' games.

I divided the content into 3 main parts to make it nicer, and more intelligible. These 3 Sections are:

1) White plays aggressively in the opening (Ne5)

2) White castles kingside and plays a slower game

3) White castles queenside and plays a little more aggressively in the middlegame

I included Masters’ Games about the 3 Systems, so you get typical ideas about how to continue in the middlegame. Also, I played a Live Game (with a nice Tactic Finish) and recorded as I explained my moves and some key concepts about this Variation.



CRUSH Everyone with Scandinavian Defense | Dynamic Chess Openings for Black



*** CONTENT ***


Don't fall for this Trap

SYSTEM 1: Early Attack 7.Ne5

    - Instructive Masters' Game

SYSTEM 2: Slow Play 7.0-0

    - Instructive Masters' Game (by Esipenko)

SYSTEM 3: Mainline 0-0-0

    - Instructive Masters' Game

My own Great Game with Scandinavian (LIVE)


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