CRUSH Ruy Lopez with Archangel Defense (+ Video)
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CRUSH Ruy Lopez with Archangel Defense (+ Video)


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Ruy Lopez is clearly a very strong Opening, and something we are going to face in a big percentage of our games as Black. So we should be very well prepared, to play against it. There is this line we call Archangel Variation that is a really good and interesting system.

The main difference between Archangel (in its modern variation) and other popular lines against Ruy Lopez, like Closed Defense, is that the dark squares Bishop is going to be developed over c5, outside the chain of pawns. This means that the Bishop is more active and we are putting more pressure on White's center.

Apparently, the name Archangel is because of a city in Russia, since several Grand Masters in that area were the first ones to use this variation. Without further delay, let's get into Archangel Defense!



CRUSH Ruy Lopez: Archangel Variation (Arkhangelsk) | Chess Openings for Black



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System with 7.Nxe5

System with c3-d4-a4

My Best Victory with Archangel Defense


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