Development vs Material in the Opening: How to play and win (+ Video)
King's Pawn

Development vs Material in the Opening: How to play and win (+ Video)


You are trying to develop your pieces as soon as possible, as the principles for the opening state. Your opponent finds an aggressive but risky move, and they could be getting one pawn up. You will have some development advantage, but there is no way to defend the pawn. How to play in those positions where your opponent losses some tempos in the opening but get some pawn up?

In this post/video we analyze this situation. In the game we study, we can also highlight how the early development of the Queen was exploited, and also how White took advantage of the enemy King in the Center.


Video explaining How to punish Opening Mistakes: Development vs Material

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General lessons

  • In these situations, the side with Development Advantage must continue developing pieces, improving his position, creating threats, and taking the initiative.
  • Also, this player needs to have the right mindset, and be ready, because at some point there could be some opportunity to hit the opponent, and very often, when we miss those opportunities, the other player can escape, defend and stay with material up.


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