Duda vs Vidit: Nice game in Prague Chess Festival (+ Video)
Good victory by Duda

Duda vs Vidit: Nice game in Prague Chess Festival (+ Video)

FM michechess89

Hello chess lovers. In the last round of Prague Chess Festival, Masters Group, there was an interesting game between Jan-Krzysztof Duda (2755) and Santosh Gujrathi Vidit (2721). The strong Indian GM was in first place, but he needed to get at least a draw, so he could win the competition. Duda needed to win to tie in first place and to avoid losing some rating points.


Video with analysis of the game Duda vs Vidit


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Some things to remember

  • Ragozing is a good defense against Queen’s Gambit. An interesting variation against Ragozin is this Qa4+
  • Opposite Side Castlings happen very often in chess. In these positions both sides will try to attack as soon as possible, the first one reaching the enemy king usually wins. Pawns storms are very useful to open lines. Sacrificing one or even two pawns can be ok if you open good lines for attacking pieces.   
  • Doing the Fianchetto is fine, but you will need the bishop to protect the weaknesses. If the bishop is gone, it can be very risky for the king.


About Prague Festival

  • Five GMs tied in first place: Shankland, Vidit, Firouzja, Duda and Anton. Very nice to hear Samuel Shankland is back at his level. With his performance, he got 8.5 extra rating points.
  • After tie breaks, the great Alireza Firouzja was the winner of the tournament.
  • Young GM Jorden Van Forest won the Challengers Group.



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