Five stunning tactic Puzzles (+ Video)
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Five stunning tactic Puzzles (+ Video)

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Hey chess friends… A little late, I know that. I hope I can make it up with an article you enjoy. Today I’m posting 5 especial positions I saw during this week. I found some of them in social media (mainly Twitter and Facebook), and some others as I was randomly reading chess books. I won’t say anything else; I will let the puzzles talk by their selves.


 Video analyzing and explaining 5 fantastic puzzles

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  • Double Interception: In Position 1 the tactical theme is interception. As White is intercepting 2 lines at the same time, we could say it’s a double Interception.
  • Zugzwang: In Position 2 at some point Black has to play the only legal move they can, even when they know there will be mate in one. They are in Zugzwang.
  • Winning Retreat Move: In Position 3 there is a strange but extremely strong move with the Queen to h1. This kind of move retreating our pieces is very hard to find, because in general we don’t look for a retreat when we want to attack. Solving and analyzing puzzles like this could help to keep an open mind and find those moves more easily.
  • Mating Net: In Position 4 White sacrifices the Queen and creates a fantastic mating net. Even when Black has the Queen, and some check, they can’t avoid the mate.
  • Underpromotion to Bishop: In Position 5 there is a great example where it’s essential to underpromote to Bishop. As it such a fantastic theme, I’m thinking to prepare a post with some puzzles about this idea.


Good luck to everybody, and take care!!!

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