Four Typical Mating Patterns you should know (+ Video)

Four Typical Mating Patterns you should know (+ Video)

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Hi chess enthusiasts! Do you already know the most typical and common mating positions we can see in chess games? In this post, we analyze some of them. This should be very helpful, because for different reasons, they happen very often, so, if we study these positions, we will be able to recognize the patterns when we see them in real games.

Without further delay, let’s get down to business .  


 Video analyzing and explaining 4 important Mating Patterns

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Morphy’s Mate: We use Rook and Bishop and Discovered Checks

Anastasia’s Mate: We use Rook and Knight (the Knight controlling escape squares)

Arabian Mate: We use Rook and Knight (the Knight protecting the Rook)

Boden’s Mate (one of my favorites ): We use Bishop and Bishop. Very often we have a piece (probably a Queen) sacrifice on c6.   


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