French Defense, London System, Blunders (+ Video)
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French Defense, London System, Blunders (+ Video)

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Hi Chess friends. I hope everything is going fine there. Also with your Chess, I wish it continues going better and you keep enjoying and having fun with the game. This post is a little different; it’s mainly an update since I didn’t post for almost 15 days. There is a good reason for that; I have been working very hard on my channel and uploading some videos: it takes a lot of time preparing the content and script, recording, editing, uploading to Youtube, setting SEO features, and sharing the video.

So, I wanted to let you know about my three favorite videos in these last two weeks, but before I do that, I need help with some feedback here:


If anyone reading this is my subscriber on Youtube, I need to know if you are receiving notifications when I upload new videos (I suspect there is something wrong with the settings of my channel). Any comment about this will be much appreciated.



And now, my three favorite videos in these two weeks:


London System in Chess: The day I played it in ATTACK mode

This is a short video about a blitz game I won, playing a very aggressive approach in London System, attacking since early in the opening and giving some tips to play London and attack.


The Biggest Blunder in my Chess Career

This is one of my favorite recent videos. It tells the story of a huge blunder I made in an important tournament many years ago when I was a scholar. A really important personal memory I wanted to share, also with an interesting lesson in the end.  


How to play French Defense

The title says everything. Learn how to play this famous defense as Black in only some minutes. You know… for the openings, I like to use one of my favorite slogans: “Keep it simple… but strong”


And now, I know what you are thinking: if these are the best, I don’t want to see the worst ones (Just joking ).

Right now I’m not sure how often I will continue posting, but I do am sure will come back soon with new Chess stuff. Thanks to all our community for the support all this time. We keep growing!


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