How to EVALUATE Positions in Chess (+ Videosss)

How to EVALUATE Positions in Chess (+ Videosss)

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Hey guys!

How do you know who is better at some specific position in Chess? Why is it important to properly evaluate positions? Which Key Factors should we analyze to assess any position?

Today we will be answering those questions...

Well, before we continue, I want to say, happy to write on the Blog again (didn’t post like in 4 weeks). I have been working hard on the Channel, but always glad to be back over here. Back to business now


How to EVALUATE Positions in Chess


Candidates Tournament restarting soon

Just commenting, in some days we’ll know who is the challenger to the World Chess Championship and faces Magnus Carlsen for the title. The second half of the Candidates Tournament will start on April 19th and finishes on April 27th, 2021.  Maxime-Vachier Lagrave and Ian Nepomniatchi are leading the tournament after 7 rounds (4.5/7), but Caruana and other Candidates are right behind and they want to change the standings. It looks like a very exciting second half of the tournament.


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