How to play Benko Gambit (+ Video)
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How to play Benko Gambit (+ Video)

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Do you like to play gambits? Today we are going to learn a really good one: Benko Gambit, also known as Volga Gambit. This is a dynamic and sharp Defense; the positions in the middlegame are usually interesting and entertaining, besides it’s considered to be a good Opening: Masters like Kasparov, Tal, and Anand have played it in important tournaments.  

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Video explaining How to play Benko Gambit

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Highlights about Benko Gambit

  • White doesn’t have to accept the Gambit, but in general, they don’t have big possibilities to get an advantage when that happens.
  • In the mainline, Black has compensation for the pawn down, and it consists of a big pressure in the Queenside over the “a” and “b” files and the Great Diagonal.
  • Once Black’s big pieces (Queen and Rooks) go to good squares in the Queenside, they can start interesting maneuvers to improve the Knights and increase the pressure on that side of the board.
  • Important: This time the attack is not against the King, it’s just against pawns and weaknesses in Queenside. This makes Benko Gambit a different but still strong Gambit.

In this post/video there are plans, general ideas, and some theory. But keep in mind that practice, experience, and learning from your mistakes is what is really going to help you to completely understand a new Opening in your repertoire. Hope this helps!


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