How to play Evans Gambit (+ Video)
1.e4 // 2.Nf3 ...

How to play Evans Gambit (+ Video)

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Today we study a very aggressive opening: Evans Gambit. This is a good option for attack players who enjoy dynamic and sharp positions. At the same time, it is a strong opening: even World Champion Garry Kasparov has played it at the highest level and won some interesting games with it.


Video explaining How to play Evans Gambit

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** Today the video was a little longer than I expected. I still think this gambit deserves it.


Highlights about Evans Gambit

1) After 4.b4!!, Black can play three main lines:

  • decline the gambit with Bb6, which is playable, but not particularly strong
  • accept the gambit with the Knight (Nxb4), which transposes to some variation after accepting with the Bishop
  • accept the gambit with the Bishop (Bxb4), which is considered the best and mainline in this position

2)   Then, once Black accepts the gambit with the Bishop, after c3, there are 4 new options for Black. This sounds already too complicated, but… good news: we can play the same move after all of them: d4!!

3) The general idea, similar to most gambits: you have 1 or maybe 2 pawns down, but you have better center and development, and sometimes Black can’t castle so easily. So avoid trades, be aggressive, threaten things, and take the initiative.


In this post/video there are plans, general ideas, and some theory. But keep in mind that practice, experience, study, and learning from your mistakes is what is really going to help you to completely understand a new Opening in your repertoire. Hope this helps!


Good luck to everybody, and take care!!!

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