How to win when you trap an enemy piece (+ Video)
Classic Game Winter vs Capablanca, 1919

How to win when you trap an enemy piece (+ Video)

FM michechess89

Hi mates. Today we are studying an interesting and common situation we can have in chess games. It’s related to those positions where we can confine an enemy piece in a section of the board, but then we can’t take it (so the piece is trapped, but we can’t capture it).

Can we win in those positions, and, if so, how is the plan? To answer these questions we are going to analyze a very special masterpiece, where World Champion Capablanca (he was very good in this kind of strategic position) beat Winter in 1919. 


 Video thoroughly analyzed, with some interesting facts and variations

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Some things we can learn from this game

  • Pinning the Knight with the Bishop is generally good and also annoying for your opponent, but make sure you won’t have the same problem White had in this game.
  • It’s very nice and recommended to play positions where you either win or draw, like the position Capablanca got into when he trades on move 13. … Bxf3 (you never lose unless you make a very big blunder). Then we can say you are playing for 2 results.
  • We can win when we confine an enemy piece; the plan usually consists to play in the other side of the board where we could say we have material up. Probably we’ll have to create weaknesses and open some lines, so, very often a pawn storm is needed.


Good luck to everybody, and take care!!!

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