Instructive Endgame with Opposite Colored Bishops (+ Video)
Two Bishops

Instructive Endgame with Opposite Colored Bishops (+ Video)

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Hi everyone. This week we are going to study an endgame from a game between Gelfand and Shirov in 2009. Gelfand could win, but he didn’t see the amazing line. I find this ending very instructive. I’m just going to say that to win White had to sacrifice 4 pawns.

Just a small parenthesis, for next two Mondays I won’t be posting. I will travel to Dominican Republic this Sunday to play an International Open Tournament in La Vega. I’m really excited about this competition. I will write about it when I come back... if I win (just kidding, I will write anyway ).

This is the position, White to move and wins

Video with analysis about this endgame

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** Diagram taken from fantastic book “Invisible Chess moves”


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