Just sharing a Bullet Game I won (+ Video)

Just sharing a Bullet Game I won (+ Video)

FM michechess89

Some months ago I was working on a series of posts I called Bullettime. The idea was to pick an interesting Bullet Game I had played and find some instructive moments to analyze and share. That’s exactly what I’m doing in this post. This time I also recorded the Live Game.


Victory in Bullet: Analysis and Live Game


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Lessons from this Game

  • A couple of isolated pawns (black pawns in c6-d5 in the game) could be a big weakness if the other player can block them and use the square in front of the backward pawn (c6) as a great outpost.
  • The break e4, disconnecting black pawns (the pawn on c6 would still continue being a big weakness after the trade) and opening lines for the Bishop and the Rook is another instructive moment.
  • Sometimes, when we have a very big material advantage, it is fine to lose a part of the material if you are able to trade powerful pieces.
  • It’s easier to attack than defend in short time controls.


Good luck to everybody, and take care!!!

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