London System: My Antidote vs Qb6 (+ Video)
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London System: My Antidote vs Qb6 (+ Video)

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Hey guys!  

London System is a great Chess Opening for All Levels. However, there's this line Black can play of d5, c5, and Qb6 that can be very annoying. In this Post/Video, we’ll learn how to deal with it, and get a dynamic, interesting, and probably slightly better position for the Middlegame.   

As an example of the way to play that I suggest against this line, there is a nice miniature I won against a higher-rated opponent in a Blitz Game, with an interesting and more or less typical combination to finish.


London System: My Antidote vs Qb6



5 Tactic Puzzles

The next positions are Tactic Puzzles taken from examples of the analysis of the different lines. They should be good training and complement for London System Players.

(They are sorted by level of difficulty, so you know, be careful with the last ones 😊)



3 Lessons from this Line/Game:

  • One Pawn for Compensation: In the Opening, we don’t need to defend every single Pawn that our opponent attacks. Sometimes, especially when it’s a Pawn from the edge of the board, we can just ignore the threat and focus on our development. Some Masters say that in general two extra tempi in the Opening compensate a Pawn down.
  • Missing a Defender: One more time, the Knight on f6 is a Key Defender of the Castling. When this Knight is not there, the chances of a serious attack and combination are increased, especially starting with the typical sacrifice Bxh7.
  • Long Trip by the Rook: There is a maneuver in the game, that doesn’t happen so often, but I think it was decisive, and it is the Rook Lifting from the Queenside towards the Kingside. Observe this Rook traveled the path a1-b1-b3-h3 to create a Mating Net along with the Queen.


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