Mate with Two Knights: Almost all you need to know (+ Video)
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Mate with Two Knights: Almost all you need to know (+ Video)

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Hi everyone. A little bit late this week, but here we are. Today we are going to talk about mate with two knights. Is it possible? If not, why not and when is it possible then? Those are some of the questions we will answer. Also, we will see some examples of masters’ games where they had these positions on their games.


Video explaining some things about mate with two knights and a practical example: Ljubojevic vs Georgiev, 1988

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My Attempt

I played this position against a computer, and I lost too


Troitsky’s Line

In “100 Endgames You Must Know”, de la Villa shows this Diagram, it is Troitsky’s Line. The idea is that if White can block a black pawn in those squares or behind (closer to the base of the pawn), then the endgame could be won.  


Other masters’ examples

Summarizing, there is no force mate with only two knights, but if the other side has a pawn, then there are some possibilities, although, it won't be easy, as you could see in the examples.


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