Nakamura's Bongcloud (+ Video)

Nakamura's Bongcloud (+ Video)

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A good friend told me some months ago “Hey, Miche, I love to see Naka doing Bongcloud, have you seen that?” I really like Nakamura’s stream, but for different reasons, I don’t see it so often. And I was not completely sure about what my friend was talking about until he told me the second move. Then, I remembered a game that was played some days before, I think in Speed Chess Championship, versus Wesley So, I believe.



In this post, we are going to see some interesting facts about Bongcloud and I will share, pay attention:

My first Bongcloud


Video explaining what Bongcloud is and the first game where I played this brave opening

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Some notes about Bongcloud

  • Some players might consider it disrespectful. I don’t, although I know it’s a little hard to lose against it .   
  • I’ve been thinking and Bongcloud could be used as a training exercise to practice how to play in difficult positions (not sure whether this is something I heard before, or I just thought about it).
  • A couple of general tips to play it are: trade pieces and try to keep the center as close as possible, at least during the opening. If you lose a pawn, but then you can put your pieces to play and the King in a safe place is probably good. These ideas could help to survive and maybe have a nice comeback in the middle or endgame.


St. Louis Rapid & Blitz

They are playing St. Louis Rapid & Blitz. My question is, will we see a Bongcloud in the Blitz Games in this tournament? I honestly don’t think, because all players are very strong, the level is very balanced, and it’s a Round Robin tournament, but… who knows.


Good luck to everybody, and take care!!!

Stay home as much as possible.



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