Playing and Commenting an Online Blitz Game (+ Video)
Playing Online

Playing and Commenting an Online Blitz Game (+ Video)

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Hello chess enthusiasts. For this week I played an online blitz game and commented what I thought and saw. The opponent’s rating was 2159; I know my rating is much higher. Actually the range for opponents in my settings is from -200 to +400, so, I hope in some next game this could change. Although, playing and commenting is still tough for me, I’m getting used to it.


Online game: playing and commenting

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This is the whole game. I wrote some analysis using engines. It’s interesting, because during the game I thought some moves were not good, and engines demonstrate that they were indeed.

I know the game was not very good from me. I just won under time pressure, I am not proud of that. I just thought there were some instructive moments.  


Do you know there will be a Puzzle Battle World Championship?

If you want to qualify to play this, you need to get 35 or more in 3 minutes Puzzle Rush. The application period already started (click here for more information about how to qualify). It doesn’t seem easy to get there to 35, so, I don’t think I will play. However, I wanted to mention it, because it seems like a nice event.  


Tournament for IM norms in Canada on February

A good online friend from Canada (he and his kids were my pupils for some months, they are nice persons) is working in the organization of 2020 Oakville Winter chess event in Canada on Feb 21 to 23. They are planning to make a Norm Section for players seeking IM norms. This section will start two days earlier, on Wed (February 19).  I am invited to play this group; I still need some days to be able to confirm I am playing, because one more time, it doesn’t depend on me. But I’d really love to go and play there.  

The thing is that he asked me to promote the tournament, because they are still looking for players from other countries (I guess with FIDE rating on 2200 or higher) who can be interested to play this group, so the Section will accomplish the flag requirements for IM norms.

Interested ones please write him (his name is Ken) to this email:  

This is the link of the tournament



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