Qualifying for Puzzle Battle World Championship (+ Video)
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Qualifying for Puzzle Battle World Championship (+ Video)

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Hey people from the 64 squares kingdom. As I told you in my last post, there is a Puzzle Battle World Championship. I’d really like to qualify, but honestly, one week ago I didn’t think I could, I will let you know why below. In this post I show the recording I am submitting to Chess.com.

One week ago, my best attempts were over 32 (you need to get 35 to qualify). As I was watching some friends streaming, I realized I was really slow moving the pieces. But I knew that was something improvable with practice. That’s why all this week I was doing many attempts, and finally, on Sunday I thought I was ready and decided to record and try to qualify.

Also, in my city there was an improvement in Mobile Data connections from 3rd to 4th (LTE) Generation, and that’s something that gave some extra motivation, because with slow internet it would not be easy to get what it takes to qualify.


This is my official attempt


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