How to WIN Rook Endgames with Outside Passed Pawn (+ Videosss)

How to WIN Rook Endgames with Outside Passed Pawn (+ Videosss)


Rook Endgames are the most common endings in Chess, so it’s essential to understand how are our chances to win if we had one Outside Passed Pawn with this material relation. So, today we’ll study this ending, and I’ll show you a video where we’ll be analyzing two very special and instructive examples.


* Position 1 Rook Behind the Pawn

(1) Alekhine,Alexander - Capablanca,Jose Raul [D51]

World-ch12 Alekhine-Capablanca +6–3=25 Buenos Aires (34), 26.11.1927


This is a Historical Game from the match for the World Championship between these two masters in 1927. Alekhine wins a very instructive endgame.


* Position 2 Rook In Front of the Pawn

(2) Lerner,Konstantin Z (2495) - Dorfman,Josif D (2540) [D94]

URS-ch48 First League Tashkent, 10.1980


In this one, White wins and Lerner plays with an exquisite technique... just amazing.


How to WIN Rook Endgames with an Outside Passed Pawn?

 Some important notes about these endgames:

  • The Rook behind the pawn is better than in front, either protecting or attacking (not only in these positions, also in general in Rook Endgames)
  • Better chances to win when the Rook of the strong side is behind the passed pawn, more chances to draw for the weak side when that Rook is in front
  • The activity of the Kings could be decisive (one more time in Endgames)
  • When the Rook of the strong side is in front of the pawn, usually we avoid advancing the pawn to the 7th rank, unless there is a forced win, since very often that square is used for the King to block vertical checks
  • Very often the endgame with the Rook of the strong side in front of the pawn is simplified and turned into a King and Rook vs King and Pawn Endgame (See the Second Game)


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