Test your Calculation Skills with these 5 Tactic Endgames (+ Video)
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Test your Calculation Skills with these 5 Tactic Endgames (+ Video)

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Hi people who love a game of a battle between two armies. Today I bring 5 selected puzzles. But first I would like to say that in the moment I am writing these lines, only two players remain in the World Cup: Ding Liren and Teimour Radjabov. They will play a short match this week to decide the winner of this interesting competition. My favorite is Liren, but, the match is not too long, and Teimour is also great, so, who knows…!? Feel free to write comments with your previsions.

Also, I need to mention that I keep working with Puzzles in Chess.com Trainer and recently got my goal 3100. This means that I have a new goal now: 3200. I’ve noticed that when you are working with this feature the time you needed to solve a puzzle is really important. I’ve known time matters a long time ago, but didn’t realize how much it helps you to find the answer in a really short time. I wanted to say it just in case it can be helpful for someone.


Video with analysis and questions about 5 Selected Puzzles


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