Trompowsky Attack: Nice Win in Titled Tuesday (+ Video)
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Trompowsky Attack: Nice Win in Titled Tuesday (+ Video)

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Hey guys!  

Trompowsky Attack is one of those Openings that work pretty well as a surprise weapon. In general, if Black knows the line, they should be able to get a more or less equal position, but the first thing is that usually they don’t know it very well or maybe not well enough, and that’s when many of the problems can get started. And the second thing is that, even if Black gets a more or less even position, we are supposed to know very well the resulting middlegame (better than our opponents), cause we are familiar with the line, and this could count as an advantage as well.    

That being said, I played Trompowsky Attack in last Titled Tuesday (December 21st) and won a nice game that I wanted to share (Interesting Opening and Tactic Finish).



Trompowsky Attack [CRUSHING 💥 Win in Titled Tuesday]y]



Find the Best Move

These are 3 of the most interesting moments of the game:


Lessons from this Game

  • Undevelop your pieces?

It’s especially hard to understand how 7.Bc1 can be the best move in the position. I must admit that I didn’t even like it at first until I studied the line a little deeper. The main idea is that White’s development is unstoppable in the next moves, and when that happens, they will have an outstanding space advantage.


  • Equal but passive, or down and active?

About 13.Nge2, one more time, we don’t need to passively defend a pawn in the opening. Instead of that we develop as soon as possible and try to take advantage of the extra tempi and the open lines targeting the enemy King.



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