Try to solve this Pawns Endgame (+ Video)
Thinking of the endgame?

Try to solve this Pawns Endgame (+ Video)

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Hello people who love a game invented in India. As you already know, one of my favorite topics is chess endgames. Today we are analyzing an interesting position I found in a book written by one of the bests: Mark Dvoretsky. The name of the book is “Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual”. We will work here with an important concept in endgames: Distant Opposition.

                                                                   White to move

Before we start

This week we saw for the first time what I was expecting long time ago: Puzzle Battle, more fun (as if it was not enough with Puzzle Rush) as we learn chess. I like this new feature, and I am hoping to work hard with it. About my rating in Puzzles (or Tactics) I didn’t work as much as I would have liked, but could get 3000 this week. I have a new goal now: “3100”.

Video with analysis about the endgame

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