Urusov Gambit: Chess Tricks and Traps (+ Video)

Urusov Gambit: Chess Tricks and Traps (+ Video)


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Today we analyze another tricky-trappy Opening Line. This is Urusov Gambit, usually, it’s more or less easy to get Black into this line, since it appears in move number 4 (actually already in move number 3 the best choice for Black is to get into Urusov Gambit... the other options are worse for them) of the mainline in Bishop’s Opening.



How to Play Urusov Gambit (Tricky Weapon) | Chess Opening Traps and Tricks



Theory Suggested to Play Urusov Gambit


Typical Tactics in Urusov Gambit

The next positions are Tactic Puzzles taken from the lines where Black falls for some Opening Trap in Urusov Gambit.

(They are sorted by level of difficulty, so you know, be careful with the last ones 😊)

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