When Karpov decides to attack (+ Video)
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When Karpov decides to attack (+ Video)

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Hi chess people. I have seen many games where former World Champion Antoly Karpov got a small long term advantage and won a slow (although interesting) battle. But this one we are going to see today is different. At the end of the opening, he prepared a novelty. Then he got an active position for some pieces and as soon as he could, he sacrificed a knight to start a strong attack to the king in the castling. He got a good advantage and there was nothing to do for his opponent. The game was awarded by Informator.

Just a small parenthesis: I continue with my preparation. I have been playing some games and last days I went down in Puzzles (I am exactly in 3000 again). I will try to fix it and go up as soon as possible.


Analysis and questions: Timman vs Karpov, 1979


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