Winning a strategical game with Good Knight vs Bad Bishop (+ Video)
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Winning a strategical game with Good Knight vs Bad Bishop (+ Video)

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Hi chess mates! There was this game I played this week, where I had to exploit the advantage of Good Knight vs Bad Bishop. I really enjoyed this victory and that’s the reason why I decided to analyze it in the post/video for this Monday. My opponent was a young and talented Fide Master and a very good friend from my Province.

I’ve already said before that slow games, exploiting long term advantages look as fantastic to me as a great combination sacrificing the Queen. Without further delay, let’s start to do what needs to be done… or as I love to say, “let’s get down to business” .   


Video analyzing a strategical victory playing with Knight vs Bishop

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Lessons from this game:

  • If your opponent has a better center, we need to break and fight against that center (see move 16. … c5).
  • Fixing the weakness is an important concept that can be very strong if we learn to properly use it (see move 27. … g5).
  • One more time we can see that the King is a very important piece in the endgame (see move 31. … Kg7 taking the King to the queenside, is the decisive plan to win the game).
  • Finally, we need to say that the weaknesses White had in the pawn structure in the kingside played a significant role and really helped Black to make progress and finally win this game. But I thought the main theme here would be the bad Bishop because actually one of the biggest problems with those pawns is that they were blocking the already mentioned Bishop and allowing a fantastic outpost for Black’s Knight.


Robert just started a Youtube Channel

My old friend and bro NM Robert Ramirez (@RobRam) has just started a Youtube Channel. He is doing a great job with it and something very interesting is the fact that he is going in order, teaching chess from the very beginning, advancing very slowly, but always ahead. This is his channel NM Robert Ramirez's Youtube Channel go there, take a look and “Play chess the right way!” .  

* I met Robert like almost 20 years ago. We were learning, playing, and training chess as we were teenagers. Now he is living in Florida, USA, and we continue working together and teaching chess.     


Good luck to everybody, and take care!!!

Stay home as much as possible.



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