Uncomfortable Win

May 13, 2009, 3:33 AM |

A game I played on Live Chess with 15|10 time controls as the white pieces against a Scandinavian Opening. I played the deviation 3. d4 instead of the main lines. I did not think carefully enough in the opening and was in bad positional trouble. However, my opponent did not take advantage of my exposed and open King and my terrible position and I was able to slip away with a win after a major blunder. Here is the game with my personal annotations. I made many mistakes during the course of the game and helped me learn new things in the Scandinavian. I only manage to play against the Scandinavian in online play and not very often. I don't usually play it myself as black pieces due to my lack of knowledge. I will now study on it.

If you have any feedback or comment, it is greatly appreciated.