Nov 25, 2016, 2:46 PM |

I know I have been absent several days and that haves a reason, I will not explain it. So I apologize for doing that and lets now begin with the post.




We have all made a mistake in a game no matter how. Most times we do not realize it until the endgame or when our opponent counter attack us. Blunders are most likely plays that can be mistakes, a wrong move in other words. So is blundering bad? In most cases yes but in others it is just the one that makes the match interesting. If you now think that a little blunder will not affect you then you need to see the World Championship Matches. Remember the blunder from Carlsen? Well that mistake cost him an entire game, so you could now imagine how bad blundering is. But don´t worry, blunders are normal, we are humans and we constantly make mistakes.

This analysis is from GM RLH2
This is the game that I talk about Magnus and Karjakin. So having a blunder is something bad but I mention before that blundering in most cases is not bad. How can we tell this?. I will like to use one of my recent games. I know I have little rights to show this, because I am comparing a game between two players who have more than 2600 ELO and a match of two players who do not reach the 1000 ELO. So I hope you can understand that even at small games blundering can cost everything or most of it.

 So as you can see I made a sacrifice that could cost me the whole game. As well as myself and my opponent, we both made mistakes, specially me. If you are a high rated player I invite you to analyze this game and you can tell me what I did wrong in the comment section.


        How to not blunder?

You will blunder and it is practically impossible to not blunder. Of course the more you play and train the less you will blunder. So try to think and analyze the position, that´s something my ex-science teacher told me once. 


What to do?

I often try to analyze the much I can and then try the best my mind thinks of and hold on the position and try to gain a little space and tempo to for at least get to a draw with my opponent, even if he doesn´t want to. Don´t worry if you lose that´s often the result but hey, we learn from our mistakes.