Chess Gathers People

Chess Gathers People

Nov 9, 2016, 1:56 PM |

We al know that this years racism and xenofobia towards other communities has grown a lot. I will not talk about politics since it is a very dense an powerful topic to me to chose. But still this things have grown and shown that we people are less common to find peace with each others. But there are few things that gather people together no matter their religion, point of view, etc. Chess is one of these few things that actually make people go to places at the same time to play the sport we all love. So for today I will like to talk about how chess unites people.


Chess Gather Up People

As I said before chess gather up people to play chess on many places. Respect is somethings that is very common on chess. Chess players do not disrespect their opponent on the board, also outside of it. Chess makes people to play together no matter how they are. Most people who just play chess by fun doesn´t realize the amount of pressure they are putting among the one who are making the fool. Chess Olympiads is the perfect example for me to make you believe me. In the Olympiads many players play against mostly their natural opponent or a culture they mostly do not like. No matter if they lose or win they still show respect to them.


php6uD9bu.jpeg Iran Vs Syria

Chess Is Respect

Most chess players think winning is all, mostly it is, but it isn´t all. No matter if you win or not showing respect to your opponent is one of the best gestures you can do. The hand shake you do starting the match is a signal of respect. And the one you do once you win or lose, and when you draw, also shows respect to your opponent. Respect is is many cases the trigger to problems. But in chess respect is on of the things players are aware of.


If your opponent doesn´t show respect to you what will you do?

Not all players will show respect to you even if they win. But it doesn´t mean you have to go to their level and don´t give them the handshake. You just offer them that if he or she doesn´t want to accept it you just keep it for yourself. Do not annoy them. You just simply show that you in fact have manners. 



Well I guess this is all. Hope you enjoy it. If you want to tell your experience about this topic you can do it at the comment section.