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Dec 14, 2016, 9:30 AM |

Its quite sad to know that most young people prefer to play video games and chess is ignored and segregated. I am not saying that everyone does that, there are exceptions. The chess community is growing more and more. is making a great job inducing chess to more people around the world and specially to kids. is also making a great job.

But now I am going to talk about some points that will make you think if chess is an better option of a sport, and obviously the negative points. So lets start.


Chess among kids


Many prodigies are out there waiting their moment to shine, and what better way than making them play chess without having a board. This is one of the fundamentals a player needs "Playing". This is where chess websites get involve. But how kids react to chess? The answer could be, in my case, three possible answers:

1. What?

2. That´s for old people

3. That´s 

Here in Colombia, or for at least where I leave, Barranquilla chess is played but not by many kids. I am not saying that chess is something unknown here its just that many kids prefer to play video games. Nevertheless there are still young kids granted with a gift to play chess, not my case. In the city where I live chess is not common in kids, but in adults yes. Or for at least as far as I know I have seen quite few kids that play chess. 




We all now know that bullying is a rising problem among kids and it is getting bigger and bigger, to a point in which the one who is the bully is getting bullied by others. But how chess fits with bullying? The answer to this is the use of a typical stereotype commonly known as the smart guy, A.K.A Nerd. I know that you may feel a little bit insulted and offended, if so I apologize to you but we have to admit is the raw true. I have experience this often but as I go deeper in chess I just developed and ability to give a sh*t about the ones who usually bother me. But know lets continue with chess and bullying in general. The more you like chess the more people, specially at schools and students of a higher class than you, will more likely to bother you and find some mean comments that will bother you most times. But you just have to ignore them and be yourself, you don´t know that in a future you can become a GM or a IM and prove them something.


Chess Biggest Enemy


Chess biggest enemy is pretty much everything that is not chess. But if I have to highlight something I will surely highlight video games. We have to admit that an XBOX One is by far more fun than chess. But does this really makes you think as hard as stone and put you on a state of mind when you don´t really think about nothing except chess. But today parents try everything to make their kids happy. And sometimes they teach them chess but often we (kids) reject that knowledge and accept other things such as video games. But here is where things the a little bit twisted. Kids like internet but they do not like to use it the proper way. Chess is available in the internet and it´s free but still they reject it. But here is the fun part. If a close friend of you or them (kids) tells them about the site and chess and invites them to play they will accept and you could expect three things to happen:

1. They will not like it

2. They will love it and play more and more

And last but not least

3. They will just act casual towards chess

So if you are the number one type I will not blame you or even worst invite you to play just because I want and you don´t want.


Negative Points

Chess has little disadvantages and one of the most common is the fact that chess is a "Mental Sport" and not a sport that needs little effort from your physical part. Making it a sport that is not the best option if you are the typical fit guy. This is the most important negative point I like to share because is one of the main reasons of why parents and some kids stop to play chess or even prevent them to play.



So in conclusion we can say that chess is an excellent game but it still have its counterparts but this points aren´t in all cases bad. So if you think that chess is a waste of time I will like you to research more and ask others about what they think about chess. 


So if you are all the way here I appreciate the time you spend reading this. And if you have more things and opinions about this you can do it via the comment box. And also you can write about how I did it, because for me this is something I am not used to do commonly and specially on a language I don´t fully dominate.