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Friends And Chess

Friends And Chess

Dec 16, 2016, 7:22 PM 0

Having friends is something we all will have someday. But how do we connect this to chess? Well chess is sometimes refer as a friendly game between two players in which respect and sportsmanship dominates. But know let´s use the context of our daily live. If you play chess and you happen to have also friends that play chess, no matter if they are good or not, you will play against them and try to do your best, sometimes if you are WAY better than them your ego will be presented by some trash talking. But does your friends feel good when you crush them? No. No is the answer to this question. But how do we know when they feel bad? It is pretty easy to detect this. When you see that they often reject you a game against them, this is a sign that he or she knows that the result may be a lose game for them and a win for you.

So for today I will be talking about friends and chess. A bond that usually get´s shattered in some cases.


Your Friends Well Be Always With You


No matter what you say, friends are friends. A friend will usually be your friend forever, even when they forgot who you are, a friend will always a friend. Most young players realize that a friend is a perfect opponent for you. Even if they don´t know how to play chess they will most times accept your challenge and play a friendly match with you.

Friends And Chess


A friend as I said before will most times play with you. But do you think this is good or bad? I know that your answer may be different because of your way of thinking. But the answer is "Good". Even if they do not know how to play, play against someone better than you is something worth of a prize. You gain experience and know new things. I will like to use my common live as an example at my school. On recess I usually go to the library to play chess or to study whatever I want. And most times my friends challenge me to play. One of my friends, Julian Almario, knows how to play chess and despite he does not read chess books and watches all of that stuff, for me he is a challenge to beat.  So as you can infer try to play with your friends chess. They will usually learn new things and in most cases they will get better and better but try not to break them in the process, using insults or any other type of insult via language.

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