Hitting Rock Bottom

Hitting Rock Bottom

Nov 13, 2016, 10:47 AM |

I recently fall under pressure and my playing skills where affected by this. I lose many games and my rating fall down very much and I notice it a lot. My rating back then was about 935, in blitz, then my ELO fall down to 876. I lose pretty much a lot of my rating and I was devastated by this. Nevertheless I din´t fall under depression. So for today I will like to talk about what normally happens when someone falls down and hits bottom. 


First of all,What is hitting rock bottom?

Hitting rock bottom is a expression used in many countries where english is the dominant language, or that´s what I have heard.

Hitting rock bottom is another way to tell that you or someone is on a bad streak. 


Is this bad?

Not in all of the cases but hitting rock bottom usually comes whit negative things to someone. Depression is in most of the cases the counterpart of this problem. The player falls into a state of mind in which he doesn´t trust in himself and mostly thinks he is just the worst player of all. 

Other psychological problems may be attached to the problem if help isn´t showing up.


What to do?

The new movie of Illumination Studios "Sing" has indeed the answer to this problem in within a quote I personally liked.

"You know what´s great with hitting rock bottom? There´s only one way left to go, and that´s up!" (Buster Moon/Matthew McConaughey,2016)

Yes. If you are down then you have to go up. Something that my parents told me once was. "If you fall down when you get up you will be stronger". No matter what people just think hitting bottom is the last thing someone would like to get. But sometimes when you hit bottom you will come back stronger and better. 


So, in conclusion

So in conclusion you just have to trust in yourself. Don´t worry if progress is not coming, just play more and still trust in you. If you are feeling very but very bad try to go to a doctor to help you in the best way possible.


I will like to invite the ones who are reading this to share their "hitting rock bottom experience" in the comment section below.