Music and Chess

Music and Chess

Nov 5, 2016, 1:55 PM |

Introduction of myself

I will like to first introduce myself. My name is Miguel Angel and I am from Colombia. I am currently 14 years old, in which I dedicate for at least a year playing chess. My ranking is not the greatest of all but for at least I can say that I have something in comparison to others. My English is not the best but I am trying to do my best with it.


Playing with music

I like to play chess with music, it makes me fell relax, but this is good for my performance on the board? I think it does not affect my performance. Instead it helps me. Pressure is something we hace all feel and experience trough our lives. In my personal opinion a chess player should be facing an extreme amount of pressure when he or she is playing against someone who is better than you. Nevertheless we should not be scared of this, instead facing it and controlling your nerves should work. Music and chess in not all the cases match of together. Many try to avoid this and others just simply can´t play without it. Relaxing is good, even for the brain, and chess is mostly all about mind. Deep thoughts are the reward of intense thinking and simulating thousands of moves in the brain. That information we are gathering sometimes gets dizzy when we are listening music. So playing with music is not a good idea? It mostly depends on the player, for me instead i prefer to play with music, but for others music is just something that will never ever come to their minds.


Which type of music should I hear?





Classical music is a good example, Beethoven and Mozart´s music are good for chess and others as well them will make relax while playing chess. Many will think listening to Metal or Hard Rock will have the same effects on them but it sometimes doesn't work, actually it sometimes have the opposite effect. You should play with the music you most likely play. Some genres that I personally prefer to listen when I am playing at are: Chillstep, Jazz, Blues among others. This do not means you should not hear other types of music.


To conclude this post I will like to invite the readers to write in the comment section what type of music you like to hear or if you hear music while playing chess. Also leave in the comments what liked you about this post and the thinks you would like me to improve.