My First Tournament

My First Tournament

Nov 7, 2016, 9:54 AM |

My First Tournament

I just recently participated on my first ever chess tournament. I was crushed but still it was awesome. Here in Colombia chess is not a very famous sport. But still it gets its deserved attention. The tournament was played in a small town located in "Departamento del Atlántico"  I know most people would not understand what that means but don´t worry. 


The Tournament

I could say the tournament was a blitz tournament, or I think so. The tournament that I played had the following settings:

  • Matches with 15 minutes each player without increment
  • 7 Rounds
  • 2 different categories. Players with 1800 or higher ELO and players with 1800 or lower ELO

It sound simple and fast but the tournament actually lasted a very long time. I remember like if it was yesterday, because it was yesterday. The players where mostly adults and only 4 kids, with me included, where participating on the tournament.


The Players

My God those players where good. Specially a girl who seems to have more than 15 years old. She crushed me. The crushing was so intense I was making jokes about myself. Nevertheless the players where not all monsters. The winner of the tournament won seven out of seven matches and proclaim himself as one of the best players of the region.


My Points

I won two out of seven games. Its not much but for me if was something big. I just defeat one the other one din´t came so I won by default. My teacher won four out of seven games. The difference is very big, specially when your teacher was national champion among other things.


Finally, The Awards

Since it was my first tournament and my performance was very good for someone who started chess not longer than a year ago. They decided to give me a medal and a special shout out to me. I think it wasn´t necessary but it was a big detail.phpg3TjFD.jpeg

To the left my teacher and to the right myself

My reactions to this

Since I am not the best player and I do not have the things a player who wants to become a pro player needs. I din´t take this tournament to serious. Its my first step of the many that are waiting. So I think this is all for today. If you want to share your experience of your first or any tournament you had do it on the comments.