Uninterested in Chess

Uninterested in Chess

Jul 1, 2017, 7:49 PM |

When Chess isn´t just enough

We all by far know that chess is a magnificent game, where the mind comes in, leaving aside our savage impulse to hit others or to proof who is stronger, talking in the physical topic. Chess just combines what most people expect from a sport, intensity and a joyful ambient, both things are very common to find on chess games. But something happens to players, well, in my case, I cannot talk for others, but I am pretty sure someone was experience this.

At a point, chess became a essential part of me. I had to learn and play chess every day, hour and minute of the day. I became a chess-maniac, but it was something that I felt was good. Chess was my every day bread, morning, evening and night, chess will always be there, no matter what, you would see me playing like a freak. But the funny part of it was that I din't get better, I was just the same, I knew many openings, many lines and variations but still I din't improve at all. My chess skills weren't increasing, it was completely the same. By that time I calculated a average of 800 to 840 elo points, who knew that few months later I will be going to the 900´ds.

After days and days of playing like a freak, I lost completely interest upon chess. I did't wanted to play nor to even see a game. I did not hate chess, I just don't know the true answer to it. 


It´s effects on me


I can say that this made me fell awfully bad, not playing chess hurt me a lot, even to the point that I was completely sure that my interest on chess will never come back.


How did I got Back?


This problem is just the same as the so called "reading block", which consists of not wanting to read, the same thing applies to chess. But the cure to this problem is time itself. As crazy or unreal it may sound, time is the true cure to this problem, and even to many more. 

Time made me reevaluate my situation and made me found a way out, which was just to wait but at the same time to start playing chess little by little, step by step. Before you can run you need to walk. 
I started to watch games with music, thing that I still do to this day, and try to break them down, to understand them better, applying the new things learn to future games.

Also, I watch inspirational videos, they help a lot if you feel down, even when you think chess isn't coming back, a little light upon darkness can make you come back to chess.


The present


Well, today I play chess even better and my love towards it is still growing, it's not fully recovered but I think the one I have now is just perfect. 

After a long, very long time, I decided to play again on chess.com and I have to admit that there is very much to learn and to practice, but by now I think my skills are just growing alongside me.


For those who are losing interest


For those who are really wandering the infinite path of the doubt, chess is a really good game, as common live chess just by one day becomes the one thing you love, by the other it just simply is another game. For those who really think that chess is not in what they highlight or even "be good", there is always, always a chance to shine, even on the darkest paths, a little spark can light up all the room. Don't give up, even when you loose, you gain new knowledge, knowledge that can help you in a future. So, just try to do your best, even if you fall a thousand times, you just need one more to stand up and prove yourself that you are a true chess player.


Little note:  I've been absent for a big time, nevertheless, I am trying to find a way to play more and to write even more post this vacations that I have. Hope you can understand and appreciate the work wink.png