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Stick or twist!

Stick or twist!

Apr 23, 2012, 11:16 AM 2

Here's a live game I played... I was pretty routinely bungling my way through Sicilian theory that I don't know too well! Apart form a slight hiccough at move 16 (letting a pawn hang unintentionally, but fortunately my opponent didn't go for it) the game was very even, Delfi (~2300 ELO) found this to be the case as well, with the game never moving to outside of a pawn's advantage for either side, with the exception of that moment at move 16.

Unsurprisingly, my opponent offered me a draw at the 32nd move, and credit to his judgement, for Delfi evaluates the position at +0.00 after 100 million calculations! Somehow I felt that I had the chance to be more creative, with my King closer to the d5 square, which I thought to be the key to the position, I fancied my chances slightly better: I decided to twist! - and here's how my perseverance paid...

And now, to reward you for reading this far, find the mate to see how the game might have finished, had play continued:

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