haha, second tournament

Mar 5, 2010, 11:47 AM |

Okay, so just a warning. I played really bad during this tournament. My vision of the entire board wasn't working properly or something O.o time control was 30, or 25 with 5 second delay really, not sure if it's like that with all tournaments or not so I may look a bit noobish clarifying :)

so, without further ado, the remnants of my pride :P

Since I forgot to put it in the board: game 1 was a 1996 vs. me as black and 1-0



apparently 17something isn't an acceptable rating input :P
He was sneery though...he had one of those "oh, a kid. my experience will win over in the end." looks in his eyes. When the game ended, I said good game and extended my hand and he confirmed my suspicions by grumbling and responding "it was a lost game..." then got up and walked away. Some people are attracted to chess for such silly reasons ^^
after the game, I was starting to say how much it sucked that the game had to be like that, and he agreed and that's where we started talking and all. I did learn two things from this encounter, though...first, that it's 10. e3, and secondly, if you make any sort of vocal noise during a chess tournament, everyone will go "SSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"
in hissing flaming red text too. I told them to get laid. Probably should have gotten disqualified for that alone, but no one was around, and who would forfeit their dignity to complain about such a thing?
onto game 4...I'll say this only once. I totally blundered by Be3. My winning chance was Nxc6, so the rest of the game is pretty much irrelevant to me. Also, Qb1 was a terrble choice lol.
last guy I played was cool. The first was alright, a bit too polite. I stuck around watching him give time odds to someone worse than him after the tourny just to be sure of the results.
That's it ^^ leave my dignity be, haha. It hurts enough playing this poorly on ANY time controls, lol