My friendly game #2 with Zika (FIDE rating 2110) - face to face

May 7, 2009, 12:46 PM |

For my second face to face game with Zika (FIDE rating 2110), I chose the Larsen's Opening (ECO: A01) - just because of the same reasons as the Danish Grandmaster Bent Larsen used it: "He believed it to be an advantage in that Black, usually unfamiliar with such openings, is forced to rely on his own abilities instead of relying on memorized, well-analyzed moves of more common White openings." (that's a quote from Wikipedia Smile).

And really - Zika admitted that she was unfamiliar with it... Smile

However, her abilities are great...













Well, at this point I resigned again...

BTW, I updated my first blog (my game #1 with her) a little bit, so your questions from your comments are answered there withing the main blog text.

My more face to face games with Zika from that Sunday afternoon will follow...