My friendly game #1 with Zika (FIDE rating 2110) - face to face

May 5, 2009, 5:48 PM |

Well, Zika is my friend and also my former colleague from my previous job.  She is one of the top Slovak women chess players (FIDE rating 2110) and we agreed on a friendly match face to face.

So I went to visit her on this Sunday afternoon (3rd May 2009) - it was sunny, so we played on the balcony, enjoying the nice spring sunshine and later on also a beautiful sunset.

I had to bring in my small magnetic chessboard, because imagine - she has not any chessboard at home! Smile

And because none of us owns a chess clock, we agreed on a tempo approximately 10 mins. + 10 secs. bonus per move. I decided to take notes of the moves - it was a little bit disturbing for me, but I'm glad I did.

We managed to play in total seven games, so you can expect this blog to be continued with the next ones... Wink

At the move #10 of this first game, I intuitively decided to try to play aggressively with the knight sacrifice, however, her defence was excellent...


















After this move I didn't see any good continuation for Black, so I resigned...

Some other Questions & Answers:

  • Any analysis of this game (and the following ones) is welcome Wink
  • I do not have a FIDE or USCF rating, I play chess only for fun Smile
  • Zika has not an account here at the