Worlds Greatest Athlete

Mar 1, 2010, 9:08 AM |

''Who's your favourite Athlete of all time?

To me it's the Boss,The great Texan and Yellow jersey Master,the one and only Lance Armstrong.The Winer of 7 Tour De France's,22 Stages to date in all,Countless World Championships,and an endless Resume of Classics and Time Trials.Not just because of his Resistence and ungodly fitness and power to achieve these dreamlike Victories,but because of his will and fight back to life from Cancer.The man was on Deaths door,quite literally,but rose from it,with strenghth and Dignity.He returned to the bike and his accolades keep rising.The man is a true example of what the Human body and spirit can rise to and from,given any barrier.This man Re - Built himself as a human being,as an Athlete,and as a Man.This is ''Lance Armstrong'' ..My Hero!