Power of pinning

Power of pinning

Mar 1, 2010, 4:28 PM |

Pinning is one of the most powerful skills of mid-game. Some players don't realize power of pinning. They can easily leave their pieces to be pinned or don't make use of chances to pin opponent's pieces.
To players who undervalue pinning, I present this article.

First, let's examine this situation that I passed in a recent game.

In this situation I am checking and can win a rook the next move. But I wanted something more exciting!

Black moved his king to g7 and I decided not to take the rook and move my queen to d4 planning to make use of check by discovery.

Here I expeced black to play Qf6 to defend his king but it seems he undervalued pinning and he played Nf6 giving me chance to move my knight and pin his knight.




Next moves were like following

Review moves sequence again and read my comments to know in what I was thinking while playing these moves.


Finally let's look at this snapshot from this game.

Look how the two rooks surround the black king and how both couldn't be in these places unless the black knight was pinned by my queen.


Always remember this situation before putting your pieces to be pinned.


Always remember this situation to realize power of pinning.