Blitz Series 1

Oct 6, 2010, 11:29 AM |

I've spent the last three months focusing on the lessons learned through blitz play, especially 3/0 time controls but not exclusively. At times, I've asked myself whether blitz play is really chess at all.  OK, yes, it's chess, but is it good chess? Is it good for my chess overall? I came to the conclusion that Blitz games are:

  1. a useful way to memorize openings
  2. a way to sharpen tactical awareness 
  3. a way to gauge progress 
  4. addictive

Recently, I mentioned in a forum topic that I've been working toward the blitz rating of 1600. I reached that goal this morning. As such, it seems like a good time to look back on what I've learned. Hopefully others will find something interesting here and/or share their blitz stories. 

I would like to begin by looking at the game that put me over 1600. Seems like a good place to start:


To sum up, this game was no epic struggle of genius chess players. I would assume that my opponent is normally a much stronger player (with a rating above 1500) but that part of what you get with  blitz play.  Depending on a variety of internal and environmental factors, levels of play vary greatly. I'd say the lesson of this game has to do with capitalizing off mistakes and making fast, logical moves when in doubt. To be continued ...