A sampler of Online Chess games

A sampler of Online Chess games

WCM mkkuhner
Nov 4, 2015, 6:36 PM |

I won't be playing in another face-to-face tournament until Thanksgiving (end of November), so here are a few recent Online Chess games with time controls of 1-3 days per move.  I've gotten quite fond of this format, though sometimes it's shocking how much time I can spend on a position without finding any good moves.

One hazard of Online Chess is that it's legal and easy to use opening databases.  This sounds like an advantage--practice your openings! learn new variations!--but sometimes the database is a path that takes you into a swamp and leaves you there.

The following game is an exceptionally deep swamp.  I have not analyzed it completely and I'm not sure I ever can.  But it was certainly exciting to play.

The following is my first win against a chess.com 2100+.  I was startled at the way tactics suddenly emerged from a barren-looking position that I'd evaluated as worse for me.

Two back-to-back wins exploiting a mobile pawn center:

Finally, a rare example of a game where I assessed that I was better in an even material endgame, and then managed to prove it.

I am getting very excited about my next OTB tournament, as my results on chess.com have been good lately--but also quite nervous, as my expectations are high.  Pride goeth before a blunder, so they say.