Apr 12, 2008, 9:19 AM |

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know a couple of things. First off, vote for my bffngc (best friend forever never gonna change) kooterbobette for the best author award. Ask her for more information. I don't know much about it.Go to for more stories.

Second off, I"m Creating a Blog like her's! A story blog! OK, I'm writing this story, called Sight. At points I get stuck on it, so I need your help! Summary: This girl, who has no eyes (no, seriously, I know this may sound gruesome, but she has no eyeballs) meets this guy named Trevor, who has no mouth. (There's whole group of people who don't have one sense, sense as in hearing, talking, and so on.) Alice, the girl, can only see Trevor in dreams. She soon falls in love with him. She meets the three other people, the other Sense people. This one woman, who has no nose, turns out evil. She turns all the other Sense people except Trevor, against Alice. Alice soon finds herself in the evil woman's body. She finds out some things from her past, and future, that are just awful. It turns out that the evil woman killed Alice's dad, and she's could kill Trevor in the future. Can alice stop the mad woman? OH yeah, and right now Alice has just found the evil woman's knife. In her pocket. Here's the last paragraph i wrote:

 Mom’s footsteps leave my doorway. I slip my hand into my pocket. And pull out the knife. I feel the same cold metal, the same pattern on the handle, as I’ve felt before. It’s the woman’s knife. I don’t understand, I thought our lives were done intertwining.

Thanks, oh, and just to let you know, I will choose the paragraphs I like best and put them on my actual story! After the story is finished I will have an acknowledgement pqage, and put all the people who helped on it!