Benoni weakest point is...

Mar 31, 2014, 12:42 AM |
I am d4 player but occasionaly I try e4 just to fresh things up a little. This game however although started as French, quickly transposed to Sicilian and then, surprisingly, to Benoni structures. Although my opponent was some 300 ELO weaker he nonetheless happen to be a tough oppononet not at all easy to crack.
Upon reviewing this game I see that:

- I didn't understand that Black 8. ...Nbd7, shutting his WSB, is a mistake giving me for free two bishops advantage. Fortunately for me my opponent was kind enough to wait for four moves (sic!) until I realized this opportunity,
- then my opponent come up with nice g6, Bg7 plan and if he played thematic Ne5 on move twenty the game would be close to equal,
- his plan of transferring a knight from d7 via b8 on b4 looked attractive but never put me in any real danger. In meanwhile he overlooked my subtle manouvers starting with Kf1 by which I came into possesion of e-file. This led to questionable 30. ... Qe8 move which seems unfortunate as without queen Black position seems more difficult to hold.
- there were not any tactical resources in position but I found the best plan in this situation by slowly advancing my king side pawns and activating my king. My long term goal was to exchange kingside pawns and thus to open position when my two bishops will be able to show their full potential.

- all this worked perfectly which was even more beautiful as my advantage rested firmly on the pressure on d6 point: a single most important motive in whole White strategy against Benoni defences.