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Chess applied to real life

Oct 20, 2008, 2:30 AM 0

In one of the send off parties on the occassion of retirement of an executive many of his colegues spoke elaquently of the person retiring. There was one who was not impressed by his bossing attitude and probably was troubled during work by the boss. He started to speak and said that in chess game king is in the center; the prime power is queen and the least powerful is a footman. Every body thought that the speaker is making a winding speech. He continued that the power is evident on the chess board. But when that power is struck the  pawn is thrown into the box ment for struck pawns and all are powerless in the box. He reminded the retiring person that he can no longer boss over others and learn to accept the inevitable. A nice way of telling that there was at least one person who did not like him!

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