Imagine 3

Sep 8, 2011, 7:35 AM |

Please ,return to my old example:

today  i want to show very strange,but very important thing-it is HYPNOSIS.Hypnosis is H-way in chess (Hypnosis way)-but this way is no good-better is little road (LR).For example: 6.d5? H-way-is bad,better was 6.a3 ! little road.(i think the Nb4 is MORE DANGEROUS!)-but, strange case-why i want to atack Nc6 FIRSTLY (of course HYPNOSIS)-Nc6-is at centre,Nb4 is at the side...Now ,please look at this:

Karjakin -IVANCHUK 2011-last 12...Nd5? (H-way)-was bad-good was Little Road-12...Nh5!.The last example shows that G .KAMSKY was under hypnosis too.Very new game -The World Cup: Kamsky-Svidler 2011

and now Gata played 18.Bb1?? (H-way)-he was UNDER HYPNOSIS-now Question for chess-amateurs-maybe you see the LITTLE GOOD ROAD-maybe You can play BETTER than USA champion (just one move,of course)-18.?-Your move!18.Bb1-was really bad H-way to HELL 0-1.Svidler won after18....g6! 19.B;h6 (H-way) Nc6!! 20.ed Qd6 21.Ne4 Qb4 22.Ba2 N:d4 23.Nf6+ Kh8 24. N:d4N:f6 25.Nc6 Qh4! 26.N:b8 Re2!!!!-Welcome to HELL(The First picture today "HELL")-Mona Lisa by Svidler!