your perfect opening


Have you ever wondered what your perfect opening is?If yes you will learn it after reading this article(mostly quiz) I have a surprise for the end .

Do you love taking risks?

a)I love taking risks.

b)yes,to some extent.

c)no,they are way to dangerous.

Are you impatient?

a)yes I never wait.

b)I can wait a bit,but after some time I can not.

c)I am very Patient,I can wait for hours without complaining

What is your age?

a)under 18

b)from 18 to 30

c)30 and over

Do you like change?

a)I love changes in position,they change so much the nature of it.

b)yes but not too much...

c)No,they are too complicates

Now the surprise:If you chose the letter A most I recommend the king's indian defense,sicilian naijdorf, the sicilian dragon ,evan's gambit,danish gambit,smith morra gambit,Marshal attack (in the ruy lopez),albin counter-gambit and the icelandic gambit.

If you chose the letter B I recommend the queen's gambit(declined if black), the italian game(fried liver attack if possible and if c3, go Bc5)

And if you are a boring person and you mostly chose the letter C just choose any boring opening ,like the ruy lopez or the exchange french and every opening that is symmetrical. 

Here is a link for a different personality test, I hope you like it.